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    Efficient fine sulfur tower packing  
    Ceramic corrugated packing convex point
    release time:2014-11-23  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 5748

    Chug hole ceramic structured corrugated packing

    Pingxiang jinfeng chemical packing co., LTD., research and development is a new product of chug hole neat corrugated packing, the characteristics of the product is in low alkali corrosion resistant formula preparation, through the design modification mold, extrude be full of rules of convex point material, using convex point of material piece is made with the neat corrugated packing of the convex point group, and then through the design of new process in extrusion forming pore pressure on the sheets of the rules, made on corrugated sheets perforated bulge with convex point group and small group, high strength, high specific surface area, high porosity, small fluid resistance, large elasticity of operation, good blocking resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. Is random packings and ordinary corrugated structured packing the upgrading of products.

    (a) technical principles

    The direct target of this project is to develop a new type of high quality high efficiency structured packing, instead of the random packings for nitric acid concentration tower. New packing products with high strength, high specific surface area, high porosity, small fluid resistance, large elasticity of operation, the blocking resistance good, do not come loose, no crack characteristics and excellent corrosion resistance performance. Based on this goal, the project development of a new type of packing products must have two aspects of the innovation points, that is, one is the material of the innovation, in order to improve the material's strength and corrosion resistance, especially the nitric acid corrosion resistance; Secondly, the shape of innovation, increase the specific surface area and porosity, reduce the resistance to flow and improve the efficiency of mass transfer.

    1. Material innovation

    The company according to the principle of ordinary ceramic into a porcelain, combining with an instance of the Chinese and foreign ceramic material formula and production practice of the company, based on the ordinary ceramic commonly used formula, decrease the content of alkaloid in formula, supplemented by appropriate fine grinding and increasing sintering temperature solve the problem of high temperature sintering, such not only ensure burn into porcelain products, and reduce the composition of products alkali, corrosion resistance is enhanced obviously; Second, the formula to ensure enough SiO2 content, make the material of the continuous phase as high silica glass phase, high silica glass can make high material strength, but also to improve the acid-resistant ability of material.

    2. Shape innovation

    This research center is based on structured ripple packing, in accordance with the relevant packing and mass transfer theory and the forming principle of ceramic structured packing, packing shape design experience at home and abroad, the corrugated structured packing convex point group on a chip design and small groups, between each piece has a small hole, make packing a large surface area, high porosity, low pressure drop and high mass transfer efficiency of the new type of high efficient packing. At the same time on the forming mould manufacturing and forming process are also possible.

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